Mike Kennedy

  • I have been selling Lean Pipe & Connector Systems and Solutions for over twelve years.  I now represent C TEK Lean Solutions and their EZ Build and American Pro-Pipe systems on the West Coast.  I can help you apply our products and solutions to your manufacturing, assembly or distribution operation.

C TEK Lean Solutions

  • C TEK Lean Solutions is a leading provider of modular steel pipe and connector systems used primarily in Lean Manufacturing applications and distribution for creating customized, ergonomic workstations/work cells and packaging stations, flow racks, point-of-use part/tool stations, carts and shadow boards, shelving, kitting/picking carts and information stations/display boards. Our system(s) let you empower your process engineering teams and floor workers allowing you to design and create customized, modular material handling structures to the exact, space-saving specifications required for your operation. 

Benefits of the C TEK System and Support

  • Easily and quickly assembled, bolt together 
  • Easily and quickly modify, improve and evolve your structures based on changing needs
  • Disassemble old structures and reuse/recycle pipes and connectors into new structures
  •  Light weight, high strength 
  • Quick and responsive local engineering and solutions support 
  • Build it yourself OR use our in-house assembly service
  • Pipe pre-cutting available for larger assembly jobs 
  • Compatible with other 28mm pipe and joint systems  


Contact Me

C TEK Lean Solutions Western Territory

Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nevada

Mike Kennedy | (602) 228-8013